Project Description

Custom Tracy Time


Let’s make your Design – REALITY

Now you have your IDEAL 5 Year Plan Designed by YOU!  Next you want to dig in a little (or a lot) deeper. You want to ensure you know how and when to actually buy that rental property, or ensure your not overspending. You have some REAL life decisions to make, and you want a sounding board.  Are you on track with the house, the cars, the job, the kids…. LIFE.   This is how you can hold yourself accountable… and see your Design become REALITY! Watch your life unfold month by month… because this is REAL life and things come up… job changes, kids activities, that extra trip you did not plan….

  • Monthly Video calls

  • LIVE – Quarterly Budget Review & Calendar updates

  • Emergency calls – help questions

  • Focused sessions custom to you

    e.g. rental properties, RRSP’s, first time home buying

This is the second step to truly living the life you want to live. Let me go on this journey with you… day by day, month by month, year by year.  YOU are the designer of your life… sometimes you just need a little guidance and help to keep you on the path you desire.

Live your life the way you want to, own it.
You only have one of them to live.

Book your Private ‘Tracy Time'”and let me work with you to customize a plan to helps you achieve, and build your dreams.