Tracy Teskey

Hi, I’m Tracy!

I’ve always been a planner from the time a was a young girl.  I have been planning and executing my plans for both work and life.

I’ve enjoyed a 25+ year career in the telecommunications industry. I continue to run my telecom consulting business “Mango Force” – and if you as a small business need a phone service, let me know and I can help you out. Telecom has taught me a lot about management, customer service, and technology. In order to run a successful business, you do need to be a good planner and execute that plan.

I believe the same holds true for running your own life. Not only the day-to-day things you do but the financial vision that surrounds it. Knowlege + Planning + Action = Results.

In 2008, I took my abilities to new levels,  creating ‘financial life’ roadmaps for souls eager to move from fear about their futures to falling in love with their lives. For me, building life designs began as a passion project for friends and family, but soon morphed into the business you see today when the discomfort of running out of people to help was too great to bear.

For as long as I can remember, my favourite Friday night fun time was spent updating my ‘Net Worth’ statement. I have a mental snapshot of me at 23, sitting in my home office surrounded by bank statements and handwritten notes while other friends were at the bar. So with a renewed vigour, I dove back into my comfort zone. I’ve always loved making sure I was saving and being fiscally responsible, and it was exciting to feel in control of my finances and truly, my life.

In addition to building life plans for people, helping them to buy rental properties with ease and grace, makes me happy. So in 2021 I began the Rental Property Concierge service, and help my clients to buy, and run their own rental property investor business.

Come. Let’s plan your future so that you can have it. I know you’ll love the results. 

Frances Boychuk, Design your Reality

“Having a session with Tracy is life affirming! Tracy is knowledgeable in matters of the heart and the head and uses her laser focus to get your life to where you want it to go. She’s a wizard when it comes to budgeting and optimizing the time you have to live your best life. I highly recommend Design Your Life for anyone who is tired of spinning their wheels and not seeing any results.”


Live your life the way you want to, own it.
You only have one of them to live.

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