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Hi, I’m Tracy!

It feels like I’ve always been designing roadmaps to success. In 1994 I brought my unique way of thinking to the corporate world, making great profits for the companies I worked for. And while all that was fun, deep down I had a desire to help people. So in 2008, I took my abilities to new levels,  creating ‘financial life’ roadmaps for souls eager to move from fear about their futures to falling in love with their lives. For me, building life designs began as a passion project for friends and family, but soon morphed into the business you see today when the discomfort of running out of people to help was too great to bear.

So sit with me for a moment, and I’ll tell you how creating money for the telecom industry led me to understand how I could help people turn their dreams into reality. Fair warning, this tale has some pretty diverse twists and turns, with an A-ha moment that blew my mind as much as it’ll blow yours. 

It started with what some would refer to as a pretty ‘picture perfect’ life. I had a husband and two beautiful stepchildren, two cars, two vacation homes – one on a lake, and one on top of a mountain overlooking the ocean in Costa Rica.  I was the Chief Operating Officer at a telecommunications company, and I had it all by the age of 35. By all accounts, my story outline was filling up exactly how my first life design was supposed to be.  Yet I struggled, and I knew in my heart, I just wasn’t happy. 

I felt like my life was out of control. Trying to keep that life afloat was stressful, and can I tell you? My spreadsheets weren’t as happy as they once were.

My husband was okay with how things were, which just added to my tension. I wanted balance and peace of mind, and it wasn’t there. Ultimately, we parted ways because too many deeply withheld truths needed to come to light, and the Standard Dream was sold and split. Luckily we had a deep friendship that never wavered, and I’ll forever be grateful for how easily we’ve let each other continue on. 

Now, for as long as I can remember, my favorite Friday night fun time was spent updating my ‘Net Worth’ statement. I have a mental snapshot of me at 23, sitting in my home office surrounded by bank statements and handwritten notes while other friends were at the bar. So with a renewed vigor, I dove back into my comfort zone. I’ve always loved making sure I was saving and being fiscally responsible, and it was exciting to feel in control of my finances and truly, my life.

I took my half and began a new ‘design,’ this time with more of the balance I craved, and finally, life felt lighter. However, sometimes your education isn’t entirely done yet, and in what seems like a Divine Intervention, I found myself having one of my most powerful moments in 2008. 

I can still see it. Sitting in front of my computer while the sun glimmered off of Lake Huron in Kincardine, watching a PBS Special on Nicholas Tesla. You know, the man who introduced us to the concept of frequency and wireless technology.

As his genius story unfolded, I knew exactly what he was talking about. For 14 years I’d built my life around tapping into frequencies and selling them off as internet signals, and suddenly it all clicked. Each thought we had equaled frequency, and our brains were just like the Cisco routers every one of my clients had in their office buildings.

I sat straight up in a moment of pure inspiration. “A-ha! Now it makes sense why the law of attraction works.” I realized that just like those routers channeling frequencies, we could direct thought based results throughout our own lives. If we applied the work, aka the wiring, that would run the frequencies, aka intent, we’d create something that seemed like magic, but was in fact just the laws of science. 

My understanding of how a clarified frequency + intent + consistency would create whatever we wanted was a lightbulb moment about something I’d been exercising all along, but now knew how to identify and define for others as well. That insight, along with the custom-created 5 Year Plans I build make it easy for me to explain financial design, elevating destinies from fearful confusion to calming knowledge for my clients. With these tools, they found themselves having an actionable life that gave them everything they yearned for and an experience they love to live. 

Like me, they began living their ideal lives. More money. Fewer hours behind a desk. More freedom. Long term aspirations they could lean into, watching their lives unfold in ways that made them feel calm, happy, and satisfied. 

I developed a model I could re-create over and over, a five-year formula that works for anyone who cares to leave fear behind and accurately delve into their desires. Part of my fun is helping my clients tap into dreams they hardly dare say out loud and guide them through the process of making them real. I get so much joy watching their stories unfold, and receiving their happy emails when their dreams become a reality.

I like to say; I make it easy for you to create your ideal life.

I know financial planning can seem scary, but have you ever approached something that freaked the bejesus out of you, only to find out once you started that you had nothing to be afraid of in the first place? Or remember the last time you looked at a task and dreaded doing it, and realized you were happy once you were in the process? I know the work we do together might feel like a big step, but that’s because you haven’t taken it yet. If you simply commit to letting me help you start imagining that everything is possible, you’ll see how all the rest falls perfectly into place. 

Come. Let’s plan your future so that you can have it. I know you’ll love the results. 

Frances Boychuk, Design your Reality

“Having a session with Tracy is life affirming! Tracy is knowledgeable in matters of the heart and the head and uses her laser focus to get your life to where you want it to go. She’s a wizard when it comes to budgeting and optimizing the time you have to live your best life. I highly recommend Design Your Life for anyone who is tired of spinning their wheels and not seeing any results.”


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