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Rental Property (Investor) Concierge

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Rental Property (Investor) Concierge

Have you ever wanted to own a rental property without being afraid?  My goal is to help people that are interested, and whom have possibly taken courses, read investment books, but have not yet purchased their first single family rental property.  I’m here to help you take that leap from coaching to doing.  I want everyone to retire comfortable and be financially confident and free. Owning real estate that generates income for life, is a great way to create a comfortable retirement lifestyle.

  • Overcome the fear of rental property ownership

  • Step by Step process

  • Purchase your first rental property

  • How to do it passively with the right team

Learn how to buy rental properties for retirement income is a comprehensive service that is hands on. This is a One on One concierge service that will take you through the training and well as the purchasing and tenanting of your income rental property. This is for people that want to execute on a long term financial strategy. My 25 years of experience in owning rental properties,  is what I want to pass along to you.  I love to help my clients, select the right house, get the right tenants, and the build the right team so that you can travel, create a passive income stream for retirement, and build a lot of equity over time.

Tracy – your team is amazing. Thank you for sharing and giving me the confidence and knowledge to make it happen. I should have done it two years ago when you first wanted to help me. But I did it now… and no looking back. You made it all feel so simple. Thank you!

Joe Kudoba, Joe Kudoba - Telecom Professional