Project Description

Teen & Young Adult Starter Experience

The Foundation to Design Your Reality Starts Here…

Teens and Young Adults could use a jump start!


What do they ‘think’ they want to be?

Let me take your young adult on a LIFE journey into reality…. a glimpse of what the Career, job they want to do will look like.

  • What do they think they will earn doing whatever they think they are going to do/be?

  • Budget – what does LIFE cost these days?

  • Cash Flow VS NET Worth and why it counts out there!

Let’s set up our young adults and kids to understand what their life could look like and how much life cost’s in the big real world. This could be the best gift you could buy your teenager. If your here, it is likely because you know my style… and you know I’ll make them think and be REAL! They have lived a lovely life with mom and dad and the real world is close… so let’s give them a good start.