Graduation UpLevel Financial Workshop

Let’s set up our kids for success. This workshop will take them on a logical journey as they enter life. We want our children to have a great foundation, and this is a good place to start them on their money journey.  As part of the workshop they will be introduced to Credit Scores, and why they matter?    Next how do they manage their new expenses as they enter University, or start their new life after University/College Graduation.  Your GRAD will be put into a workshop that has same aged GRADs. (HighSchool GRAD’s VS College/University GRAD’s).

My goal is to have your GRAD leave this workshop with the tools &  knowledge so they can make great decisions about credit cards, spending, loans, and savings for real life. We want our kids to own homes, and live financially free in time.

The Bonus will be the financial starter kit – these are some of my tools that I’ve used to help manage my cashflow/budget in my REAL LIFE.

I hope that you will take advantage of this special offer of only $27.00…. I really want every GRAD to get a CRASH COURSE on MONEY and FINANCES!

This is the first step to setting them up for success financially in life.

YES Sign up my GRAD NOW! $27